Going public.

2007, September 19th 5:48 PM

I keep putting this off, but it's time to finally open this site up. I'm going to be submitting D-Net to the 2008 Independent Games Festival contest. With any luck that will drive some readers to my site . . . and, well, for that, I kind of need a site, don't I?

So welcome to the official, still-under-construction website of Mandible Games. I'm planning on posting entries every week at most, and I'll be talking about game development in general and my game development specifically. I'm still unknotting a few kinks from the website – let me know if you have issues with anything, includng comments.

Also, wish me luck in the competition. There are some very, very skilled people submitting games that are currently more finished than mine – but if I don't do well this year, there's always next year, when I'm hoping to have this whole thing wrapped up.