It Never Ends

2007, October 20th 11:10 AM

So, remember how I indicated it was only a matter of time before I completely broke something?

There's a few people who are signing up to be notified about one thing or another. That's cool, because that's why I put those systems in, and I'm glad people are using them.

It occured to me, perhaps a bit late, that I should check to see how spammy those emails are considered. So I signed myself up on my gmail account and bam, straight into the spam folder.

Looking over the email carefully told me that it had failed gmail's SPF check. That has nothing to do with suntan and everything to do with spam prevention – it's a way for domains to specify where emails from that domain should be sent from. If sends a mail from it's probably legit, but if some random IP in Russia sends an email from it's probably not. SPF is a way of listing what servers can send mail from a domain. It's a good idea, and I completely forgot about it.

So, ten minutes of research and fiddling later, and I have a working SPF system set up. I try it again and . . .

. . . right into the spam folder. Fuck.

But at least this time it's listed as having a valid SPF check.

So I improve the email text also, and it still goes into the spam folder. I set it up so the Replyto address is the same as the From address, I set it up so that there's only one domain mentioned anywhere in the email . . .

. . . Oh well. I don't know how to convince gmail that I'm not spamming it. I guess, check your spam folder if you're subscribing to anything.

Edit: I posted this, then checked my Livejournal. It had two "comments" links, and one of them said that this entry had negative one comments. That's fixed now, I think. Bear with me. The launch will be a bit rocky. I swear I tested that before, really I did.

  • Virtual256

    2007, October 20th 12:27 PM

    Feel free to ask me to stress test stuff. I've offered in the past.


  • Zorba

    2007, October 20th 12:59 PM

    I don't really have any issues I can think of offhand. If you see anything, tell me. Otherwise . . . well, I'll just assume things work :)

  • ninwa

    2007, October 20th 7:56 PM

    Problem solved on my end by adding the mandible email address to my contact list. Bummer on that, though.

  • Virtual256

    2007, October 20th 9:26 PM

    it isn't registering comments added here on my LJ friends page, near as I can tell.

  • Zorba

    2007, October 21st 3:51 AM

    Yeah, adding the email to your contact list to avoid spam-bucketing isn't really a viable option.

    The comment image may take a bit to refresh, your browser may be caching it. However, the http request already says not to cache it . . . so I'm not quite sure what's going on here. Bah.

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