2009, July 30th 11:34 AM

Bit of a general fuckup here, folks – it turns out that the Mandible blog has been rejecting comments for probably a few days. If you posted a comment about Fluffytown, I'm sorry to say it got entirely lost and I can't retrieve it. If you had anything to say (and I'm hoping someone did) I'd appreciate it if you'd go back and re-comment, or at least summarize what you had to say.

Now I'm going to go figure out a way to automatically notify myself when things go this wrong.

  • soliss

    2009, August 1st 10:03 PM

    I just wanted to thank you for suggesting Braid. I finally beat it (somehow) without a walkthrough, and as advertised it made me feel pretty clever.

  • Zorba

    2009, August 1st 11:34 PM

    I still have no idea how that guy came up with some of those puzzles. He is a genius madman.

    Glad you enjoyed it :)

  • moqtada

    2009, August 6th 10:18 AM

    Fun little game.

    After reading your analysis on it I tried to finish it without killing anything to see if there would be some special reward. I finished it with 3 hearts left, but helas there was no reward (other than lots of birds flying around and lots of live dogs and cows on the hill jumping up and down, and a notable absense of blood on the hills).

    I also noticed that the very destructive alien cannon and musical bombs at the end don't kill either the cow or dog walking around on the bottom – presumably they are immume to these weapon's leathal effects?

    The level felt a lot like the original Mario Bros level, but I failed to find the hidden block above the top of the screen despite much frantic jumping around from the high platforms (which seem to be floating in mid air – nice trick for a huge lump of earth!)

    Anyway, enjoyed playing it, keep 'em comming and looking forward to some cool parallax scrolling a la Shadow of the Beast II…

  • moqtada

    2009, August 6th 10:27 AM

    P.S. I like how you can ride on the backs of the cows without getting hurt

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