2009, September 28th 4:09 AM

Download installer here (advanced: zip version)

I'm taking a pretty serious diversion from my previous game designs. Mobius isn't a sidescroller in any sense, and in fact, it's controlled largely using the mouse. We're into realtime strategy here, folks. Well . . . realtime tactics.

Beyond that, however, I'm not saying a whole lot about Mobius right now. Download it. Play it. Let me know what you think.

I'll follow up with a postmortem in a bit.

  • MulliSaukko

    2009, September 28th 6:38 AM

    Played through couple times. Took a little time and one failure to figure out the mechanic. Got lost in space once (couldn't cfind anything but space on the map) but after death the view was centered again. All in all it was quite entertaining. I guess I was first trying too hard to figure out what was going on, wether killing enemies with one character resulted in increase of speed and another to increase of armor or firepower.

  • Tang

    2009, September 28th 8:16 PM

    A friend once pitched a game idea to me as "you have these statistics and people like increasing those numbers". That sense kept me playing this game until I beat it.

    Changing [spoiler] from a disincentive to an incentive is certainly different, as is making the game literally impossible to win without it. Once I learned the mechanic, I munched up levels and tore the boss apart.

    It is possible to sneak up and attack the boss before finding the crystal, but I noticed you noticed that when it one-hit killed me.

  • Ninwa

    2009, October 1st 2:48 AM

    I had fun trying to figure this game out. I can't honestly say whether or not someone else might have gotten frustrated though. It took me probably about 15 minutes to figure out what the hell was going on, but once I did, the game was mine for the taking. I think that it's an interesting dynamic, but I'm not sure how far you could stretch it. The game was about as long as I probably would've played it even if it had more levels.

  • IkaTaii

    2009, October 6th 2:16 PM

    I love your other projects so it kind of pains me to say this, but I didn't really dig on Mobius so much. The primary mechanic, while intriguing, ended up meaning that the only real strategy / tactics I needed was cycling through the otherwise-identical characters. Additionally, giving the enemies greater range than the characters bugged me because I couldn't get them to focus fire on one character while the others assisted.

    Overall, it's not a bad concept, but I think it needs either some character or level variation to help complicate things, as it were.

  • Zorba

    2009, October 6th 10:58 PM

    Tang: You have inspired my next game. Thanks! You'll see it in under a month. :)

    IkaTaii: That's pretty fair. You may notice from my just-posted postmortem that I don't really dig on Mobius much either :)

  • Justin L.

    2009, October 28th 5:49 AM

    Loved it. Make more!

  • vazor

    2010, February 7th 9:23 AM

    This was an excellent entry- great new experiment. Keep it up, this one was one of my favorites so far.

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