Chassis Commander

2010, August 25th 1:36 PM

Windows (.zip version)
Linux (32-bit only)


Marooned on an unknown planet!


His only weapon, a hoverbike with a malfunctioning weapon!


Besieged by a million unstoppable robots!

CHASSIS COMMANDER! (you should be imagining this with a significant amount of reverb btw, go back to the beginning and start again if you're not)

Can he use the robots to repair his vehicle? Can he muster up enough firepower to defeat them all? Can he learn how to use the over-100 unique weapons that he can cobble together from compressed robot parts? Can he survive this horrible onslaught?!


Play it today!

(Ludum Dare 18 submission. Made in 48 hours.)

  • Ryan

    2010, September 5th 12:52 AM

    You made that in 48 hours? That was pretty cool.

  • Anonymous

    2010, September 12th 11:01 PM

    Seriously dude, do either an Iphone or Android project and publish it. Indy game for PC is a bit saturated right now unless you have all star team with uber original idea.
    I hate when talent goes to waste….

  • Zorba

    2010, September 13th 12:03 AM

    The problem is that I have only vague interest in the iPhone or Android as a platform, and – up until last week, at least – I couldn't port my engine to the iPhone thanks to Apple's restrictive policies.

    Now that they've loosened up a bit, I may end up finishing that iPhone port and do some stuff on the platform, but honestly I'm sort of just . . . not all that excited by iPhone games.

  • Boetjeuh

    2010, November 26th 10:38 AM

    nice game, had some fun with it!

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