2010, September 28th 2:23 PM

Windows (.zip version available)
Linux (32-bit only)

A few months ago I did the first Reddit Game Jam. The theme was Opposites, and I managed to finish this shortly before falling asleep on the second day. That same month I'd done some other game (I'm thinking it might have been K0R) and so I never got around to posting this.

Luckily, the terms of the Monthly Game Project don't require that I post a project anywhere near the time of me finishing it! So I've been holding it in reserve for a month when I don't manage to complete a game otherwise. This month is that month, so here's Ramsgate!

Commentary, as always, welcome.

Speaking of the terms of the Monthly Game Project: I've got a few major things possibly coming up that are totally exciting. For example, I may be getting a job working on a commercial game that I think looks damn cool. And I'm putting a lot more time into making Robert Recurring into a commercial indie game.

Guess what I don't have time for anymore?

That's right: the Monthly Game Project.

I'm going to keep posting games when I can, but that might not be once per month. Things may slack off a bit. I'll try to compensate with more journal posts. We'll see how that goes. It is an adventure!

  • WolfKrad

    2010, October 3rd 7:23 AM

    Concerning Ramsgate: Great concept and definitely fun. The performance however was severely lacking. Because of the low frame rate, I was mostly fighting the controls and had to retry the last two levels many times, because I kept falling, even though I had already figured out how to complete it. That said: the simple fact that I kept at it and refused to give up is a great testament to how fun the game was despite the lacking performance. If it had been a poor concept, I'd have simply given up.

    I'm guessing the whole parallax implementation for the background is to blame for the performance issues I experienced, as your previous parallax-free platformers performed great, but of course I can't be certain without access to the code. If it's to blame, an on/off switch for the parallax background would've been nice (it does add a lot visually though, so props for that).

    Concerning the Monthly Game Project: I'm amazed at how long you've kept with it. There were definitely some major failures (as was to be expected), but also some great concepts. Keep at it, even if it's just for experimentation. Just don't worry about the frequency or anything. Nothing wrong with having ambitions beyond the Monthly Game Project.

    I originally started visiting this site because of some excellent dissections, so that would be a fine alternative ;)

    Plus: things like Braid or the Trilby-series I might never have played if it hadn't been suggested on this site (whether in a main article or in the comments), so I'll definitely keep visiting :)

  • Zorba

    2010, October 8th 2:06 AM

    Thanks for the commentary :) Some people seem to have a lot of trouble with framerate on Ramsgate, and yeah, it's 100% the parallax causing it. Which is a pity 'cause it looks damn good. I'll have to come up with a more efficient implementation for next time.

    I'll absolutely be trying to fill the space with *something* – my life might be insanely busy, but there's always time for video games! :D

  • hey

    2010, October 14th 9:29 PM

    hey, been a long time user of questhelper (since forever, idk were id be without it)and i came here to check this out and your games are actually really fun and i actually got into it

    i hope you can make a successful company and make a decent or beyond living and i wish you the best because you deserve it :)

  • Zorba

    2010, October 15th 4:20 AM

    Thanks :) I hope you stick around and play stuff as it comes out :D

  • reply

    2010, October 17th 9:36 PM

    i definently will

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