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2010, October 31st 11:36 PM

Windows (.zip version available)
Linux (32-bit only)

I told you guys I'd have a game this month, and by Jove I've got a game this month!

(For comedy value: check the timestamp of this post.)

The Experimental Gameplay Project theme this month is Boys And Girls. If we're a boy, we're challenged to make a game that girls will like, and vice-versa. I, of course, decided to make two games. One for each gender! How could this go wrong? I can appeal to everyone!

You should go play it immediately.

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    2010, November 7th 7:56 PM

    haha nice game

  • gramcracker

    2010, November 9th 7:00 AM

    Hee. I played a few rounds, making smaller and smaller rooms each time, until I just made a bunch of single-square rooms and got the highest grade. Fun :)

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