Your Shopping Adventure! Postmortem

2010, November 17th 12:51 AM

I'm having a tough time making a postmortem for this because almost nobody played it. C'mon, people! Gimme something to work with!

I had a few goals for this game.

First off, I wanted to piss off people who thought I was making a sexist game. I got a few bites on that front so I'm considering it a success. Sort-of-unfortunately, everyone laughed it off once they realized what was actually going on. I guess my friends are just too reasonable. I'm not really complaining about this aspect of things.

Second, I was trying to come up with a game that wasn't trivial to minmax. I made great strides in this direction and figured out the first really interesting scoring mechanism I feel I've managed. That, along with the "grades", made for a game where people were competing for highest score. Some of my early testers and most of the people who commented on it later, in fact. That's pretty cool! I thought score was a worthless mechanic, but I may have finally figured out a way to make it worthful: first, make it interesting to max out, and second, introduce goals so people know what they're shooting for. Doubling your score isn't motivating, but getting from a B to an A is damn motivating.

I'll probably write up more on my scoring mechanic later.

Third, I was doing more with 3d. Some of this was successful – the isometric viewpoint turned out pretty neat – but I had trouble getting stuff to work right. I need to learn more about 3d math and I just plain haven't. That's bad. It could have been much better.

Unfortunately, the rest of the game kind of fell flat. The entire thing – to me, at least – feels a bit sterile. I had trouble putting soul into it, like I have with several before, and I'm starting to feel like that's just sort of a random thing. Either it Works, or it Doesn't. K0R and Nieuwe Aarde worked. This one didn't. I'm going to be keeping a close eye on my future games to see what results in style and what results in no style, but that'll take quite a while to narrow down. On the list.

I'd say "it might have been that I had so little time available for this, it was really time-crunched" but I mean look at Nieuwe Aarde which was completely made in basically a state of constant panic, or K0R where I spent almost the entire game development process saying "goddamn, there is no way I'll get this done in time", and . . . well, honestly, being time-crunched generally seems to help. So I have no idea.

In terms of score, I broke fantastic new ground. In terms of everything else . . . well, needs some work, let's say.

  • Your Mom

    2010, November 17th 7:00 AM

    I think some of the sterility has to do with graphics, unfortunately. It's the visuals that stamp a game with a recognizable identity. It would be interesting to find someone to dress this up and then see how it plays.

  • Your Dad

    2010, November 21st 12:31 AM

    First off, When did your mom (my wife) learn how to use a computer? That's crazy.

    Secondly, I was not expecting the girls side of the game. Bravo. I lat out a loud laugh and had fun with that. Thanks a bunch!

  • nothing much

    2010, December 12th 12:20 AM

    meh, i honestly didn't find the game interesting but i dont like games like that in general

    i like ur new tank game though

  • vincent

    2010, December 16th 4:30 PM

    i couldnt play it but the screenshot reminds me of a record shop tycoon game so if its like that it was good XD

  • IkaTaii

    2010, December 20th 12:25 PM

    I really like how ridiculous the scores are. There seems to be a weird glitch with 1×1 rooms and doors, though, where you try to make one door and it just spams out a ton of random doors in the room.

    Trying to see if I can beat 283,433,000,000,000.

  • Zorba

    2010, December 21st 9:27 PM

    The score craziness was kind of an unexpected side effect of a new scoring technique I came up with. I did invent a way to fix it as well, but decided not to bother – it's more fun this way :D

    The door system is kind of unfortunate – a definite casualty of not having as much time as I wanted. Clicking in a room toggles all adjacent doors. I think you can usually create the door layouts you want, but it's certainly not an easy thing sometimes.

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