Insanely, Ridiculously Busy

2010, December 21st 9:57 PM

I've come up with like four posts I want to make. Half of them are far too short, half of them are far too long.

You're getting "too short" here. Suffice to say that things are churning along, in many different directions, I'm unbelievably busy, and it's all going well.

We'll resume our regular programming eventually. For now, bear with me.

  • Angyl

    2010, December 22nd 1:41 PM

    I wish you were on facebook. I only ever see what you're up to once every 6 months or so when I log on to LJ. Sad panda.

  • Angyl

    2010, December 22nd 1:42 PM

    I probably won't even notice when you comment back expounding on why facebook is horrible.

  • pang choi

    2011, January 2nd 12:18 AM


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