About Devastation Net

2008, June 2nd 6:17 PM

Devastation Net is a game about driving tanks and using them to blow up your friends.

Your tanks are dropped into an arena and you attempt to destroy each other with a variety of weapons. Your goal is to be the last tank still working. If you fail, and get destroyed, you do not get to respawn – but you do get to launch bombs from space at the remaining players.

Every six rounds you can buy new ammunition, new tanks, new bombs, and other upgrades. You'll have to figure out what the most effective loadout will be based on your current tank, your opponents, and your favorite play style. Want to stay at range and snipe? Lasers and weapon upgrades. Prefer to wade into big fights and blow things up? Heavy armor, missile launchers. Or maybe you'd prefer autocannons, EMP blasts, landmines, or some of the more esoteric weapons available.

And then you go back to combat, when you discover whether you've out-thought your opponents or vice-versa . . . and whether you've bought enough ammo.

This game is a multiplayer game. Like Super Smash Brothers or Cortex Command it's meant to be played with friends and against friends. At the moment, this means you'll need to get a bunch of friends to your house, ideally set up a projector, and plug in a bunch of game controllers. Eventually I will be adding good AI and probably network play.

  • rgrig

    2009, June 3rd 2:29 PM

    Is there an amd64 deb package?

  • Zorba

    2009, June 3rd 2:54 PM

    No, there isn't. I ran into quite some trouble trying to put together the Linux package – for my next project I'll have to find someone who actually understands Linux packaging.

    It's really far more complicated than it should be, from what I've seen so far.

  • S500i93

    2009, October 10th 12:00 PM

    This runs perfectly on Vista x64 with AMD Athlon x64 6000+ =)
    The only thin i dont like with this game is the balance with the factions, there is an overpowered faction (the dark blue).

  • Justin L.

    2009, October 28th 6:41 AM

    Add network play, QUICK! It should be a hit among gamers once the word gets out – it's simple to play (moving, shooting), yet with everybody out there it should be madness.

    I thought it was moving a little slow, then I remembered – they're tanks. Mods?

    For me, the first time playing was fantastic. I didn't have time to play for long, though – studying calls.

  • Chubysnow

    2010, July 9th 10:10 AM

    If I happen to hit a wall I am stuck there forever!

  • Upsp8600

    2010, August 23rd 6:38 AM

    I realy want to try this game… But i'm a mac user…
    Will it be mac version soon?

  • Zorba

    2010, August 23rd 2:31 PM

    I'm not quite sure what to do about this game. I've sort of lost interest in it. Consider it mothballed indefinitely – I may or may not come back to it.

    If I do come back to it, it'll probably be getting a serious revamp and I will indeed be introducing a Mac version.

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